Investment Management

Engaging a Financial Adviser is not just about returns. A qualified Financial Adviser can tie investment actions to your resources, risk tolerance, time horizon and short- and long-term financial objectives.    


Access to professional advice focused on your best interests is a significant advantage when developing an optimal portfolio, designed to help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals.

A trusted Financial Adviser who has a thorough understanding of your goals, current financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon can help you navigate various investment options to build a solution that is right for you, help you stay invested during periods of market volatility and advise you when your goals and/or risk tolerance change.

Building your investment solution -

Together, as we begin to formulate an investment solution that is right for you, we will focus on:

Asset Allocation1

Your investment strategy will be built by balancing the risk and rewards associated with an allocation of assets that address your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. The selection and weighting of asset classes can have a powerful effect on your portfolio’s performance and is an important element in managing the risk of your portfolio.


When creating an investment solution that is right for you, we must take into consideration the effects of market volatility. By building a portfolio that spreads your investments across the appropriate mix of assets, you will limit exposure to any one asset and help protect your portfolio from volatility in the market.


Based on your time horizon and market movement, we may need to rebalance your asset allocation from time to time to ensure your portfolio continues to meet your objectives. By adjusting the weighting and/or holdings, we ensure that your portfolio does not drift from your intended objective.

Changes in your goals and risk tolerance

Over time, you may find that your goals and/or risk tolerance have changed. When this happens, we will meet to discuss how we can re-shape your portfolio to put you on a path that offers the best opportunity to meet your new goals.

We are committed to building successful, long-term relationships. That commitment coupled with our qualifications, experience and access to the outstanding resources and tools available at Eagle Strategies positions us well to help you meet your financial goals.


1Asset Allocation & Diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss, but is intended to help manage your goals and risk tolerance.




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